Birds of Toronto

Birds of Toronto website tracks the 2014 Bird Photo Booth Business Challenge in which two trail cameras on two rickety tripods are set up in strange places around the city to lens a wide variety of different urban birds.

John Conn from Standard Telecom reviews his strategy for photographing wild birdsIn this competition each host business takes turns strategically setting up a bird feeder attached to two cameras triggered by two different types of motion detectors. Think of two cameras together as a ‘puck’, and its placed at various points around town; the goal is to use it to take the best wildbird pictures of nature found around outside the featured business. If you get the puck for a week, you better shoot a winner!

This contest makes fresh interesting urban wildlife pictures and text each week. Each update chronicles new contributors, and features the story of their business property and their photo strategy alongside their gallery of submitted bird portraits. Each weekly update highlights one particular species of bird and outline what the creature eats and any character traits.

DrA rcher w with both cameras, Bird Photo Booth in TorontoWeek One, the very first week was hosted by Paul Peic on his Floatie in Toronto who got some amazing shots of birds local to Toronto paddle boarding operation. Paul teaches this water sport and others and leads an extreme life at this location that includes power para-sailing and kiteboarding.. You can read all about his week with the cameras on the Birds of Toronto blog.

Patiently waiting her turn to host the Bird Photo Booth as outlined in this post about Toronto dentist on Zoomers magazine, here is Dr Archer a dentist in Toronto and avid birdwatcher and supporter.

Toronto Dentist Set To Host the Bird Photo Booth in Week Five

Vigorate Digital loyalty programs, internet marketing solutions, logoBirds of Toronto website contains custom code by Vigorate Digital Solutions loyalty programs and lots of storytelling about birds, business people and bird friendly places. This highly original and highly technologically advanced initiative is a smart marketing vehicle. crowThe website and blog (and newsletter and Twitter feed) make it possible for readers to follow the booth around town, from one location to the next, getting updates on each host’s strategy and achievements while marveling at magnificent photos of Toronto¬ís birds.

David Shephard took time out from hammering together a Tiny House in Toronto to participate in this challenge. Here he is arranging the camera units around the feeder, which he has filled with sunflower seeds.
The challenge is already getting media attention, Toronto Bird Photo Booth is in US Green Technology magazine this week, and the editor at Toronto is Awesome prints Bird Photo Booth weekly stories.

This contest is designed to raise awareness for Toronto’s avian residents by showing people their tiny bird faces. Our camera rig and website will glimpse and publish their emotions and the best, emotion filled, portraits will win prizes according to celebrity judges.

office phones in TorontoToronto Bird Photo Booth Business Challenge 2014 has four categories to WIN,

1) Best bird portrait

2) Best group shot

3) Best gallery of nine bird photos

4) Rare species, Art photo prize

John Conn got some lovely pictures, which have now been posted on the Birds of Toronto website,Week Three – Standard Telecom hosts the Bird Photo Booth. Post by on June 14, 2014

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